What is a BIM model?

Construction is a sector that has to meet the constantly growing market demands. Progress in this industry is possible, among others, thanks to the use of modern technologies and computer programs. The BIM model is a concept that has completely changed the approach to the design and implementation of investments. It enables continuous access to current project information and all costs. Read our article https://karnoenergy.com/ and learn more about it!

Information modeling

BIM stands for Building Information Modeling and stands for Building Information Modeling. This definition refers to advanced computer programs supporting the design process. The BIM model is an ideal tool not only for implementing new projects. It is also perfect for extensions and renovations of existing facilities. It allows for the optimal use of resources, cost reduction, and a better flow of information about the project.

How it’s working?

In a nutshell, the BIM model consists in inserting previously defined three-dimensional objects into special programs, e.g. walls, ceilings, roofs or windows, and at the same time assigning them the appropriate parameters. During the design process, all properties of structure elements can be freely changed or new ones can be added. This is automatically remembered by the system, which will assign the modified attributes to the model.

Each BIM project shows all the parameters of a real building. In addition, on the basis of the generated reports, you will conduct an analysis of the object, thanks to which it is possible to eliminate the errors that arise. Therefore, you have full control over construction works, which allows, in particular, to reduce costs and shorten the time of investment implementation.

Practical use of BIM

BIM technology is widely used and works well in many industries, increasing the efficiency of operations and optimizing expenses. The information obtained thanks to it can be used to:

supporting the modeling process,

estimating the profitability of an investment before it is created,

making changes to the construction design,

analyzes related to the ergonomics of the adopted solutions,

insolation calculations, building energy certificates,

effective management of commercial space.

Modern BIM models are perfect tools for designers, contractors, investors and property managers. The use of a program showing three-dimensional objects is easier and safer than traditional solutions, including paper projects.

How much can you gain?

The results of research conducted by independent experts confirm the effectiveness of the BIM model. According to reports, a lot of materials, nearly 37%, are wasted during the investment. Moreover, 30% of the implementation exceeds the assumed budget. Site managers and company managers agree that traditional documentation is insufficient for effective management of the construction process. Therefore, it is necessary to implement a BIM model that perfectly fills this gap. It allows for the implementation of more and better quality projects in a shorter time. It has a lot of advantages that translate into real financial savings. Investing in modern process support systems is very profitable and pays for itself quickly.

Choose the right partner

To implement the BIM model, you will need a company that specializes in this type of project. Bet on a trusted partner with extensive industry experience. Also pay attention to the scope of services provided and the competence of specialists.

BIM model in your organization

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